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Podcast 37
What I Want My Health Care Team to Know About Having a Disability

John Greiner
Ethan Young
Laura Mintz, MD, PhD

September 2023

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  1. What I Want My Health Care Team to Know About Having a Disability Featuring Laura Mintz, MD, PhD  September 2023
  2. Timely Follow-up for Hypertension Management in Team-Based Care Featuring Shari Bolen, MD, MPH August 2023
  3. Sleep Disorders and the Heart Featuring J. Daryl Thornton, MD, MPH July 2023
  4. Adverse Childhood Experiences: Resources for Primary Care  Featuring Robin Ortiz, MD, MSHP, and Lisa Ramirez, PhD, ABPP June 2023
  5. Talking With Your Patients: Dietary Supplements  Featuring Amber Healy, DO, and Bree Meinzer, PharmD, BCACP, CACP May 2023
  6. Addressing Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Strategies for Primary Care  Featuring Robert Bales, MD, and Trygve Dolber, MD April 2023
  7. Good Sleep is Good Medicine: Addressing Sleep Health in Primary Care  Featuring Jennifer Molano, MD March 2023
  8. Air Pollution Exposure and the Heart  Featuring Sanjay Rajagopalan, MD February 2023
  9. The Role of Clinical Pharmacists on Your Primary Care Team Featuring Sarah Aldrich Renner, PharmD, BCACP, and Marilee Clemons, PharmD, BCAC - January 2023
  10. Adaptive Leadership: An Essential Tool for Effecting Change Featuring Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD November 2022
  11. What Every Primary Care Provider Should Know About Hypertension Featuring Jackson T. Wright, Jr., MD, PhD October 2022
  12. Kicking the Habit: Partnering With Patients to Treat Tobacco Dependence Featuring Glen Solomon, MD, and Cynthia Solomon, BSPharm, RPh, FASCP, CTTS, NCTTP August 2022
  13. The Impact of Gender-Affirming Hormonal Therapy on Cardiometabolic Health Featuring Laura Mintz, MD, PhD, and Roger Harty, MD June 2022
  14. Bridging the Digital Divide in Health Care Featuring Amy Sheon, PhD, and Autumn Glover, MCRP, MPA - May 2022
  15. Quality Improvement in Clinical Practice: How to Tell Your Story  Featuring Aleece Caron, PhD, and Joe Daprano, MD - April 2022
  16. Understanding Diabetes Distress: Implications for Primary Care Featuring Randy Wexler, MD, MPH, and Liz Beverly, PhD - March 2022
  17. Talking With Your Patients: Insulin Initiation and Administration Featuring Karen Bailey, MS, RD, LD, CDE, and Sarah Aldrich, PharmD, BCACP - February 2022
  18. The Heart-Mind-Body Connection: Mental Health and Cardiometabolic Conditions Featuring Trygve Dolber, MD - January 2022
  19. Engaging Patients in Quality Improvement Initiatives  Featuring James Campbell, MD - December 2021
  20. Optimizing Telehealth for Diabetes Care  Featuring Noha Elnagar, MD, MSBS, PA-C, and Mohammad Shalabe, MD, MSBS, PA-C - November 2021
  21. Talking With Your Patients: Medication Side Effects and Adverse Events Featuring Marilee Clemons, PharmD, and Dean Bricker, MD - October 2021
  22. Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Youth and Families Featuring Anuradha Viswanathan, MBBS, and Ryan Farrell, MD - September 2021
  23. Making Connections: Shared Medical Appointments in Diabetes Care Featuring Sharon Watts, DNP, FNP-BC, CDCES - August 2021
  24. The Top Six Things Endocrinologists Wish Every Primary Care Provider Knew Featuring Kathleen Dungan, MD, MPH - June 2021
  25. The Lowdown on Low Blood Sugar: Hypoglycemia in the Patient with Diabetes Featuring David Aron, MD, MS, and Mary Julius, RDN, LD, CDCES - May 2021
  26. Collateral Damage: Substance Use and the Pandemic Featuring Shanna Stryker, MD, MPH -  April 2021
  27. Supporting Patients With a Mobility Disability to Increase Physical Activity Featuring Shirley Moore, PhD, RN - March 2021
  28. Taking Care of the Heartland: Rural Telehealth During COVID-19 Featuring L. Austin Fredrickson, MD and Madhuri Medarametla, MD - January 2021
  29. Stronger Together: Connecting a Community to Address Social Determinants of Health   Featuring Susan Fuehrer, MBA December 2020
  30. Prioritizing Health and Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19 Featuring Eileen Seeholzer, MD, MS - October 2020
  31. Personalizing Diabetes Care to Optimize Outcomes Featuring Karen Bailey, MS, RD, LD, CDE - September 2020
  32. Seeking Safety: Support for a "Speak Up" Culture in Health Care  Featuring Michael Holliday, MD - August 2020
  33. Medication Adherence: a Driver of Patient Outcomes Featuring Marilee Clemons, PharmD, BCACP; Sarah Aldrich, PharmD, BCACP; and Nicholas Horen, MD, FACP - July 2020
  34. Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Implications for Practice  Featuring Joshua Joseph, MD, FAHA, MD - June 2020
  35. Hypertension Management in the Era of Telehealth  Featuring Randy Wexler, MD, MPH, and Shalina Nair, MD, MBA - May 2020
  36. Developing a Culture of Quality in Your Practice Featuring Mamle Anim, MD - April 2020
  37. Addressing the Quadruple Aim in Health Care Featuring Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD - March 2020

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