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Cardi-OH has partnered with Project ECHO® to increase the capacity of primary care providers to safely and effectively treat cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Cardi-OH ECHO uses a hub and spoke model featuring expert-led didactics and case-based learning in a 12-week virtual clinic.



Watch a clip from the Fall 2023 Cardi-OH ECHO Clinic focused on Health Literacy and Cardiovascular Risk.



Upcoming Clinic

View the curriculum for the upcoming Cardi-OH ECHO clinic.


Current Clinic

Download the flyer for the current Cardi-OH ECHO clinic.


Archived Clinics

View videos from past Cardi-OH ECHO clinics.

Additional Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Medicaid provider
  • Must be a Primary Care Provider (e.g., Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, OB/GYN, Pediatrics)
  • Must have a clinical office with an Ohio address

Participation Requirements

  • Each practice will present at least 2 case studies during the 12-week virtual clinic
  • Each practice will submit all case studies prior to the start of the series 
  • Participants will work with the Clinic Coordinator to determine a mutually agreed-upon date for case study presentations
  • Participants will complete surveys as a part of program evaluation and submit a signed Statement of Collaboration

Other Things to Know

  • Participants are encouraged to be visible on video while in the session
  • Cardi-OH ECHO will support practices' use of web conference technology (i.e., webcam, microphone/telephone audio, Zoom software) including a 1-on-1 tech check prior to the beginning of the 12-week clinic
  • All sessions will be recorded and photographed (an edited version of the recording will be made available on our website)


By registering, you confirm your acknowledgment and consent to participate in Cardi-OH ECHO and agree to:

  • Participate collegially in regularly scheduled Cardi-OH ECHO Clinics by presenting cases, providing comments, and asking questions
  • Keep confidential any patient information provided by other participants during a clinic
  • Complete periodic surveys to help improve services to clinicians and other partners
  • Use required software including, but not limited to, Zoom and Box
  • Provide clinical updates and de-identified outcome data on patients as needed
  • Be solely responsible for the treatment of your patients and understand that all clinical decisions rest with you regardless of recommendations provided by other Cardi-OH ECHO participants
  • Ensure that your patients are aware of your participation in Cardi-OH ECHO and that their de-identified information may be shared


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